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The Ultimate Interactive and User-Friendly Interface

With a look and feel that is exceptionally crisp and clean, MicroStrategy Web has been designed specifically to fit the needs of business users who find intuitive and simple to use. They will immediately recognize tools, techniques and formats familiar to any user of the Internet or common Windows® applications.

Features at a glance

  • Easy to use, personalized reporting, analysis and monitoring
  • What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get (WYSIWYG) report design
  • Full BI functionality on a zero-footprint, browser independent and fully customizable interface
  • Rich user interface with innumerable analytical and formatting features
  • Fully interactive, pixel perfect scorecards, dashboards and reports
  • Full BI functionality on a browser-independent interface
  • Guided ad-hoc report building and analysis
  • High user and data scalability
  • Centralized application, object and data level security
  • Open XML architecture for Web Services

Benefits at a glance

  • Enjoy lowest total cost of ownership
  • Manipulate data to make informed business decisions from insightful analysis
  • Create reports and apply changes to design swiftly using the WYSIWYG feature
  • Collaborate and communicate critical business data with colleagues easily
  • Access all scorecards, dashboards and reports in a single Web interface
  • Transparently present business information acquired from a variety of enterprise data sources on a single point of access
  • Benefit from a platform application that is easy to maintain and deploy
  • Incorporate BI with existing web-based applications quickly and easily
  • Provide your users with a BI tool so easy to use that they can start analyzing critical business data right away

Simple Browser-Independent Interface

MicroStrategy Web's intuitive array of manipulations delivers full BI functionality through a zero-footprint, browser-independent interface. Any user who is familiar with a basic Windows application can easily navigate information, access vital reports, perform insightful analysis and monitor key business metrics using familiar techniques and Windows-like paradigms such as:

  • Drag and Drop Report Manipulation
  • Drop down menus
  • Right click, context sensitive menus
  • One-click toolbars

WYSIWYG Report Design

For report developers and business analysts, MicroStrategy Web provides unparalleled design for editing reports. These reports can take the form of highly analytic cross-tabular reports, print-perfect operational reports that are hundreds of printed pages, or highly visual and pixel-perfect scorecards and dashboards.

Analyze Critical Business Data Right Away

MicroStrategy Web's elegant and intuitive user interface takes advantage of multiple website conventions and navigation concepts. End-users may also choose to quickly locate the desired report using the "Google-like" deep metadata search. A single click of the mouse accomplishes common tasks like running a report or drilling to additional detail. Additionally, MicroStrategy Web users can easily organize their favorite reports in a personalized "My Reports" area, similar to setting the Internet browser Favorites or Bookmarks.

Highly Flexible Interface

A single MicroStrategy Web interface can be tailored to meet requirements of each user depending on the skill and function level. Through centrally controlled privileges, users can be granted more functionality as their skill levels and needs require. This increases user adoption and overall effectiveness since the interface can match the capabilities of the business user.

Platform Independent

MicroStrategy Web's design enables it to run on a wide range of application servers, web servers and operating systems. With a platform independent Java architecture at its core, MicroStrategy Web provides organizations a choice of a thin layer of Java Server Pages (JSPs) or Active Server Pages (ASPs).

MicroStrategy Web supports leading application and web servers including IBM WebSphere, Oracle WebLogic, Sun Java System, Oracle AS, SAP NetWeaver, JBoss, Microsoft Internet Information Server and Tomcat.

Rich User Interface

MicroStrategy Web offers tools designed to be simple but powerful enough to provide users with full control over the design aspects of a report. Toolbars on the report and document pages which are organized into ribbons or tabs to simplify the display and make functions easily accessible. Enhanced colors, gradients, images, context menus, drag-and-drop manipulations, editors, multi-select and the WYSIWYG design feature provide a rich and user friendly interface.

Lowest Total Cost to Deliver BI

MicroStrategy Web can be rolled out to thousands of users in a matter of minutes, thanks to its zero-footprint capability and no client installations. Because of its Windows-like interface, users can immediately start analyzing critical business information, taking advantage of the intuitive navigation, one-click and drag-and-drop actions. MicroStrategy's centralized metadata repository, administration and security also minimizes dramatically the administrative costs to companies and unnecessary use of already limited IT resources.

Portal Integration

Embedding MicroStrategy portlets on a single portal page offers organizations the ability to create dashboard-style applications. Users can enjoy the full range of BI functionality and interactive reporting capabilities available in MicroStrategy Web directly through any of the out-of-the-box portlets, available for IBM WebSphere, Oracle WebLogic, Microsoft SharePoint, and SAP NetWeaver.

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