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MicroStrategy SAP® Services

MicroStrategy SAP Services is a fully integrated component of the MicroStrategy BI platform that delivers SAP certified NetWeaver™ integration with SAP BW, SAP WAS & SAP Enterprise Portal.

MicroStrategy provides SAP customers the best analytical dashboards, reporting, and alerting via a single intuitive Web interface. People find the system easier to learn and use, especially when editing reports using the WYSIWYG interface with no need for code, using familiar methods like right-mouse-click and drag-and-drop to create even the most impressive dashboards.

MicroStrategy is fully certified under the SAP Powered by NetWeaver™ program, ensuring that SAP users can experience all of their existing SAP functionality, as well as the high performance and low cost of ownership that MicroStrategy achieves today through shared in-memory reporting, event-based scheduling, clustering, and automated management.

The MicroStrategy Business Intelligence Platform incorporates a dynamic data access engine in its architecture. This engine is designed to access multi-dimensional databases (MDDBs or MDX sources) such as those from SAP Business Information Warehouse (BW). MicroStrategy's Dynamic MDX Engine generates optimized MDX syntax that is fully certified with SAP BW using SAP's high performance BAPI interfaces. Because MicroStrategy's MDX is dynamically generated using the multidimensional models implicit in SAP InfoCubes, QueryCubes, and ODS objects, users can automatically and transparently drill back into SAP BW for more data, without any prior programming or prior design of drill paths. MicroStrategy can also join data across SAP BW Infocubes and QueryCubes as well as access multiple instances of SAP BW at once.

Features at a glance

  • Automatic importing and replicating of SAP BW/BI objects into MicroStrategy objects
  • Single user interface for all reporting, analysis, and alerting
  • Maximum performance for all users, regardless of data source through shared in-memory caches
  •  Pervasive security for all data, and all users
  • Drill back into the data sources automatically for more data
  • Optimized data access through dynamic SQL and dynamic MDX generation
  • Combine SAP data sources across BW cubes and even across BW instances

Benefits at a glance

  • Fastest time to value through the 3 Steps to Reporting: connecting, importing, and creating reports
  • Highly intuitive web user interface with drag-and-drop capabilities designed for the business user
  • End user self service including report editing, subscriptions and collaboration reduces IT department dependence and workload
  • Formatted reporting, analytics and ad hoc reporting on a single architecture and interface
  • Seamlessly integrate reporting into SAP Enterprise Portal without a need for separate interfaces
  • Combine multiple sources of enterprise information onto a single report without moving data
  • Easy dashboard creation without having to use code
A Global Model of Business in MicroStrategy Metadata Objects

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