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Simple and Rapid Creation of Dashboards and Enterprise Reports

MicroStrategy Report Services includes fully integrated reporting, analysis and monitoring as well as intuitive What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get (WYSIWYG) report design features, business users can easily create and analyze a pixel-perfect dashboard, scorecard, or production report from multiple sources of data. Report Services also employs advanced visualizations to quickly identify trends or anomalies within the data. A few reasons why companies worldwide choose MicroStrategy Report Services are:

  • Easy to Understand - for the business user and developer
  • Intuitive Interactivity - all controls and selectors are easy to use and understand
  • Efficient - one MicroStrategy report can replace dozens of your existing reports
  • Flexible - any kind of scorecard / dashboard / report
  • Future-Proof - everything you need from the same platform as your needs change and expand over time

Features at a glance

  • View, design and interact with documents through a single Web interface and across a single platform
  • Full interactivity in scorecards, dashboards and production reports, including in-depth analysis through drilling and other OLAP capabilities
  • Powerful data visualization capabilities
  • Out-of-the-box templates for effective dashboard creation
  • WYSIWYG report design with one-click toolbars, intuitive drag-and-drop, and context-sensitive menus
  • Rich pixel-perfect formatting on screen and print-perfect on paper
  • Advanced calculations, such as predictive or data mining analytics, can be added for in-depth analysis across multiple data sources
  • Secure distribution of personalized reports from 100s to 100,000s users via the web, printers, email, file servers or portals
  • Export options to PDF, Excel, HTML, or Flash for offline access
  • Multi-tabbed report books using layouts and panels
  • Instant document creation from existing reports
  • Data-as-a-Service capabilities

Benefits at a glance

  • Available everywhere via Web and mobile devices
  • Design ad-hoc dashboards and reports quickly
  • Lower total cost of ownership
  • Uncover new insights and opportunities with powerful and simple exploration
  • Communicate effectively to a larger audience using compelling data visualizations
  • Explore any business data - enterprise, departmental, or personal
  • Remarkably reduce time to design and deploy new scorecards, dashboards and enterprise reports
  • Collaborate easily, sharing and saving insights
  • Quickly spot outliers, uncover problem areas, and detect patterns and trends
  • High-throughput production reporting
  • Simple information access via Internet browser or mobile device
  • No extra plug-ins or Java applets required
  • No need for IT intervention as data is set up as a "service" for true user self-service
  • Simple for small implementations, yet powerful for large enterprise-wide deployment

Accessible Through Multiple Interfaces

MicroStrategy Report Services is an interface independent engine that allows users to access, monitor and analyze their information through a wide variety of devices and technologies:

  • Make quick and informed decisions based on insight provided through a mobile device.
  • Access all scorecards and dashboards in a single web interface from any browser, without the use of Java applets, ActiveX or other plug-ins.
  • Integrate existing workbooks, presentations or documents with the reporting, analysis & monitoring capabilities of MicroStrategy Office.

Intuitive and Fully Interactive Interface

Simple drag-and-drop actions, right mouse-click menus, toolbar icons allow business users to easily navigate, sort, pivot, drill on fields, create new calculations and switch between cross-tab, graphical views, and interactive visualizations. These intuitive and familiar methods of interaction provide an easy, efficient and effective design experience that allows business users to uncover business opportunities.

Full Integration into the MicroStrategy BI Platform

MicroStrategy Report Services works as a service in MicroStrategy's architecture, inheriting all the benefits of the MicroStrategy platform, including iron-clad security, centralized administration, unified metadata and advanced prompting. The user interface stays the same as users move from reporting to analysis, minimizing product training and easing user adoption.

Access Information from Multiple Data Sources

All MicroStrategy Report Services scorecards, dashboards and enterprise reports can use data from virtually any source or a combination of multiple separate data sources. These data sources include relational data warehouses, transactional databases, operational datamarts, multidimensional databases, web services, and even flat files such as comma-delimited and Excel files. MicroStrategy leverages the breadth of corporate data assets to provide a complete view of the business.


The WYSIWYG mode provides business users the tools to easily design and refine their dashboards and enterprise reports through a zero-footprint Web interface. Business users can edit or format any object on-the-fly, such as drag-and-drop into any location, format, pivot, graph, or add commentary. The WYSIWYG design provides the same kind of designing functionalities that users are familiar within Microsoft® PowerPoint® or Excel.

Investigative OLAP Analysis

MicroStrategy Report Services continues to employ the investigative capabilities of OLAP Analysis . Users can drill anywhere and create ad-hoc groups and lists of attributes. Heatmaps and other interactive visualizations allow users to filter key performance indicators spontaneously and add or remove elements to assess information through different perspectives.

Simplified Dashboard Design

Out-of-the-box dashboard templates, toolbars, intelligent placement of objects within panels and zero requirement of programming skills, allows business users to create highly effective dashboards quickly. Furthermore, power users can create and customize multi-layout dashboards leveraging the dashboard templates.

Pixel-Perfect On Screen and Print-Perfect on Paper

MicroStrategy Report Services provides a single report definition that is interactive and looks great on-screen while still possessing all the properties required for printing precisely formatted reports that may span hundreds of pages. With a single click, business users have the ability to generate documents in portable document format (PDF), a Flash stand-alone file (MHT), HTML, or Excel.

Link to Non-MicroStrategy Data

Dashboards are now designed to present non-MicroStrategy data. For instance, users can now show financial tickers, real time information, or external reports on the dashboard itself. RSS feeds, HTML containers and media widgets can be included to enhance the look-feel and informative abilities of the dashboards.

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