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Manage Multiple BI Applications from a Single Interface

MicroStrategy Object Manager gives administrators a holistic view of an object's lifecycle as it gets migrated from a development environment to a production environment.

Whether objects are migrated from a testing environment to a production environment or the entire system is upgraded, MicroStrategy Object Manager ensures that object definitions are kept consistent and accurate across all environments. It provides full object lifecycle management from development and testing, to production and even deployment to users of multiple countries and languages.

Features at a glance

  • Extracts object definitions from metadata into a package file that can be shared across email or regular network, for migration
  • Synchronizes different projects in disparate environments
  • Manages multiple BI applications from one interface
  • Manages comprehensive application and schema objects
  • Repository Translation Wizard allows administrators to internationalize entire projects in bulk
  • Impact Analysis allows administrators to identify objects at risk that might be affected by the change

Benefits at a glance

  • Administrators can manage a distributed development environment from a single machine - local or remote.
  • Holistic view of the object lifecycle reduces maintenance effort
  • Project auditing can be carried out without any application downtime increasing user efficiency
  • Intuitive interface allows any type of user to quickly understand the mechanics of migration
  • No development project downtime during migration
  • Object change journal eliminates the need to maintain an external Excel or Word document for change tracking
  • Impact Analysis reduces risk

Intuitive Graphical Interface

Out-of-the-box, begin distributing key information to users and expand the reach of your Business Intelligence at the lowest possible cost. With MicroStrategy Object Manager, users can access source project (A), identify object to migrate (B), and migrate these objects into the destination project (C) through drag and drop or cut-copy/paste.

Update Packages

Changes of any magnitude to multiple objects can be bundled in standalone files to be installed whenever the user wishes. No live connection is needed between the environments, allowing the user to install the packages at any time, from any geographic location, and between environments in development, testing, or production mode.

Centralized Management Capabilities for All BI Application Objects

MicroStrategy Object Manager helps administrators coordinate and automate all issues related to change management in BI projects from one interface, from anywhere in the world. Objects and projects can be easily migrated to any metadata within the network while ensuring the integrity of their definitions.

Project Merge Ensures Consistency

MicroStrategy Object Manager ensures that each object is successfully migrated from one environment to another by using the Project Merge Wizard. Project Merge will migrate the entire project to the desired destination while retaining the definitions and dependencies of each object. Repeated Project Merges can be scheduled and automated by rules that are saved in XML files, requiring less oversight.

Impact Analysis

MicroStrategy Object Manager allows administrators to identify specific reports (or other objects) that are at risk due to a dependent object change. This feature is particular useful to design effective strategies to reduce risk associated with migration of the object change.

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