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Report and Analyze Data Across Multiple Sources

Data can come from data warehouses, data marts, operational databases, and departmental databases. Since MicroStrategy MultiSource Option is completely transparent to users and developers, they can benefit from a unified view of the business, regardless of the underlying data stores.

MicroStrategy MultiSource Option represents the next logical evolution of MicroStrategy ROLAP technology, extending its unparalleled scalability, analytical depth and query performance to heterogeneous data source environments.

Features at a glance

  • Provides a single multidimensional business model across multiple data sources
  • Fully leverages MicroStrategy central metadata repository for fastest development and maximum reusability
  • Extends seamless drill-through capabilities to the full depth and breadth of multiple databases
  • Generates optimized SQL for each specific database
  • Aggregate-aware engine dynamically selects optimal data sources to ensure superior query performance
  • Multi-pass SQL engine resolves complex queries across many databases
  • Push-down architecture automatically chooses the optimum database server for joining data from multiple sources resulting in minimum data movement across the network

Benefits at a glance

  • Swiftly develop fully reusable business intelligence reports, dashboards, and applications even if data is located in disparate sources
  • Lower the cost of BI by gradually evolving to an Enterprise BI architecture
  • Allow users to seamlessly explore any data regardless of its location
  • Interact with reports, dashboards and OLAP grids similar to single-source ROLAP engine
  • Quickly access information owing to fast query performance
  • Offload simple queries to less expensive databases
  • Increase the richness, relevance and value of any report or dashboard by incorporating more data from many sources

Transparent Data Integration

MicroStrategy MultiSource Option seamlessly extends the capabilities of MicroStrategy's ROLAP architecture, providing a completely transparent experience to users and developers. Users do not need to be aware of where data resides because all interaction with reports, dashboards, and OLAP grids works seamlessly against one or many data sources.

Seamless Data Exploration for In-depth Analysis

MicroStrategy MultiSource Option allows users to seamlessly drill across and throughout multiple databases and analyze any information they need, regardless of where the data is stored. MicroStrategy architecture uses a single unified metadata model for all styles of BI promotes a single version of the truth across the enterprise.

High Performance with Minimal Data Movement

MicroStrategy employs a "push-down architecture" for joining data across multiple database servers. MicroStrategy SQL Engine generates highly optimized multi-pass SQL for each relational database (RDBMS) and pushes processes and calculations down to the database level.

End User Empowerment

The MultiSource Option empowers users by providing access to real-time and historical data on a single report or dashboard. Since access to multiple data sources is easy and transparent, users can create more sophisticated dashboards and reports making them richer, more relevant, and highly valuable.

Gradual Evolution to Enterprise BI

MicroStrategy MultiSource Option effectively lowers the cost of BI by allowing companies to gradually evolve from islands of BI to Enterprise BI architecture. As the data is gradually moved into the data warehouse, the MicroStrategy multi-dimensional model can simply be "re-pointed" to the data's new source, and all objects can be reused, making reports and dashboards available without changing any component.

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