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All Styles of BI through a Single Platform

Employing a Services-Oriented Architecture (SOA), MicroStrategy Intelligence Server makes it easy to standardize on a single, open platform for all your enterprise reporting and analysis needs through a number of access channels: Mobile devices, Web browsers, Microsoft® Office, Desktop clients, and email. MicroStrategy Intelligence Server has been architected from the ground up, and it is the first and only BI server to support the full range of BI applications - from workgroup and departmental, to enterprise-wide BI - through a unified metadata and a single integrated server running on Windows®, UNIX®, or Linux®.

Features at a glance

  • Delivers all styles of BI to any BI application through a single, integrated platform
  • Ultra-high performance for 10s or 1,000,000s of users
  • Next-generation ROLAP engine provides fast, seamless reporting against petabytes of data, with optimizations for all leading database vendors
  • Complete internationalization support for BI applications
  • Pervasive security protects valuable data assets and offers maximum controls over user access and functionality
  • Change auditing and monitoring capabilities facilitate compliance and IT governance
  • Flexible administration models enable distributed administration and task delegation
  • Industrial-strength, 24 X 7 reliability with out-of-the-box failover support and load balancing
  • Compiled 64-bit architecture with common code base for multiple operating systems

Benefits at a glance

  • Rapidly deploy any BI application with the lowest total cost of ownership
  • Freely mix and match BI styles as needed
  • Manage large user populations with minimum hardware costs
  • Perform transaction-level analysis against large data volumes without sacrificing response time
  • Support global deployments with a single BI application
  • Easily monitor, store, and secure valuable information
  • Leverage central and distributed administration models for all BI applications using comprehensive management tools
  • Facilitate corporate governance and IT compliance
  • Achieve extremely high system availability out-of-the-box
  • Support more users, more data, more applications, and experience increased performance with fewer servers

Enterprise-Caliber ROLAP Engine

Using its next-generation ROLAP engine, MicroStrategy Intelligence Server generates highly optimized database-specific SQL, pushing complex calculations and analytical functions down to the database. Moreover, MicroStrategy provides Very Large Database (VLDB) drivers which automatically tune the SQL to leverage the unique strengths of each database.

Distributed Administration and Task Delegation

MicroStrategy Intelligence Server provides flexible administration models that easily accommodate the needs of any organization. From centralized to distributed models, MicroStrategy Intelligence Server is easily administered manually through web and desktop- based graphical interfaces, or automatically through a command line interface, and even through easy integration with third-party systems management software.

Ultra-High Performance

MicroStrategy Intelligence Server a single code base architecture compiled to both 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems. Organizations can combine MicroStrategy's industry-leading scalability with the advantages of 64-bit operating systems to deploy the richest BI applications, with the highest performance, the largest data volumes, and the most users.

Secure, Manageable BI Applications through a Single Metadata

MicroStrategy Intelligence Server is the industry's first and only business intelligence server to provide all styles of BI on a single, unified architecture. Companies and departments can rapidly develop any BI application using a common metadata and seamlessly add new services as needed.

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