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Increase BI Applications Accuracy

Companies often lack sufficient resources to detect anomalies or unexpected changes and monitor them manually. MicroStrategy Integrity Manager automates the comparison and verification not only of report and document consistency but also of intelligent cubes. It highlights issues and discrepancies to ensure the overall reliability of the BI content, reducing the need for resource-intensive manual testing.

The common types of changes that require report and data validation include:

  • Software upgrades
  • BI project migrations
  • Data warehouse ETL processes
  • Database optimizations

Features at a glance

  • Automated data validation testing for any or all reports and documents
  • Comparison of test results between: One live system with previously-stored 'baseline' results
  • Two live systems
  • Two previously stored 'baselines'
  • Detection of all reports and documents impacted by any BI Ecosystem change
  • Identification of any differences in report or document output by comparing data, SQL, graph output, Excel output, PDF output and execution times
  • Interactive comparison analysis
  • Web-based exception reports available for wide distribution

Benefits at a glance

  • Automatically detect anomalies before users see them
  • Ensure accuracy of critical reports on a daily basis
  • Provide information assurance to users
  • Dramatically reduce the time and manpower required to deploy changes in the BI environment
  • Increase the scope, effectiveness, and accuracy of data validation efforts, and free developers to focus on content creation rather than manual testing

Detect and Highlight Variances

MicroStrategy Integrity Manager executes and analyzes BI output to highlight unmatched results in data, SQL, graph, Excel, and PDF output. It can test any and all reports, documents, intelligent cubes, and data mart reports or a subset. These objects are included through individual selection, folder selection, referenced through shortcuts, or dynamically selected at runtime using sophisticated object searches.

Compare Results to Live BI Applications or Previously Stored "Baselines"

MicroStrategy Integrity Manager tests can compare reports between a live MicroStrategy project directly against another live MicroStrategy project (e.g. Development against Production). Administrators can additionally compare a live MicroStrategy project against a previously-stored baseline, or even two previously-stored baselines to complete exception analysis against historical snapshots, or offline/off-network systems.

Reduce the Time and Manpower Required to Manage the BI Ecosystem

Automated and continuous checking of reports and documents eliminates the need to manually validate important data. This reduces the strain on limited resources and makes processes more efficient for IT. A test that would previously take hundreds of man hours to analyze only a sample set of reports is now completed in a matter of hours. This frees up report developers and administrators, letting them spend more time developing reports and new BI applications.

Comprehensive Project-Wide Testing

The intuitive test creation wizard helps generate powerful tests using any of the BI application objects to the left. These tests can include individually selected reports, documents, intelligent cubes, and data mart reports as well as all the supported objects within a selected folder, or all supported objects within a project.

Powerful, Dynamic Comparison Tests

The administrators have complete freedom to design tests that account for different change scenarios. They can quickly and easily create powerful MicroStrategy Integrity Manager tests connecting to baseline files and projects, selecting objects to be included in the test, specifying runtime execution settings, and configuring prompt resolution strategies to resolve prompts automatically or use manually-entered personal prompt answers.

Identify Differences and Exceptions

Integrity Manager allows easy analysis of exceptions within each object's results as any and all differences are explicitly highlighted. The analysis and comparison results are intuitively displayed for administrators and developers on an object-by-object basis.

Ensure 100% Accuracy

Any and all critical reports and documents can be guaranteed for data integrity as frequently as desired. Daily tests after data warehouse changes and data loads provide ongoing operational validation and data integrity assurance.

Speed User Adoption

Knowing that their BI applications are thoroughly and frequently tested for data and report integrity, users will trust their BI information and have confidence in their business decisions based on that data.

Share Test Results

Every MicroStrategy Integrity Manager test generates an interactive HTML exception document summarizing all test configuration selections and execution statistics, summary, and details. The detailed execution results within the HTML output also include links to individual report and document test output (SQL, data, graph, Excel, PDF), enabling users and developers to analyze and share MicroStrategy Integrity Manager test results.

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