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Diagnose and Fix Problems

For more complex issues, MicroStrategy Health Center collects important diagnostic information and system configuration details to help Administrators resolve problems and streamline their interactions with Technical Support specialists.

Features at a glance

  • Perform over 20 system checks on demand or on a schedule
  • Easily fix known issues in a single click from the console
  • Act as a system monitor for multiple machines from a single console
  • Generate a collection of logs and diagnostic information that can be sent directly to Technical Support in a diagnostic package
  • Analyze, parse logs, and apply filters to identify errors and focus on data of interest
  • Collect reports, documents, cache files and their dependent objects involved in an issue in a single step
  • Maintain a detailed history of actions performed by MicroStrategy Health Center on any given machine
  • Provide a MicroStrategy Health Center update to download additional or updated system checks

Benefits at a glance

  • Immediately identify errors or potential problems with easy on-screen cues
  • Quickly resolve problems from a single, centralized console
  • Eliminate hours spent analyzing dozens of log files and configuration files
  • Find potential problems before they happen
  • Simplify the collaboration with Technical Support and expedite the troubleshooting process
  • Ensure that the correct diagnostic information is sent out by analyzing the logs before sending them
  • Decrease the file size that is sent out for metadata-specific issues by ensuring that only the necessary objects are sent
  • Improve customer satisfaction and resolution time
  • Quickly alert administrators to issues
  • Run scheduled system checks at non-business hours

Preventive Maintenance

MicroStrategy Health Center performs over 20 system checks on demand or on a schedule. It automatically scans all MicroStrategy servers to anticipate and correct system problems.

Monitor Multiple Machines from a Single Console

MicroStrategy Health Center acts as a central node from which all servers will be monitored using predefined system checks. Existing and potential errors are identified graphically and suitable fixes are recommended.

Fix Known Issues in a Single Click

For known problems, fixes can be applied through the MicroStrategy Health Center console with one-click actions, allowing administrators to take quick steps to resolve them.

Send a Diagnostic Package Directly to Technical Support

MicroStrategy Health Center automatically generates a collection of logs and diagnostic information that can be sent directly to Technical Support using a diagnostics package. The diagnostic package can be sent directly to the Technical Support FTP site in a single click.

Collect Objects and Files Involved in an Issue in a Single Step

When further troubleshooting is required because a Metadata specific issue is found, the Technical Support specialist may request a copy of the Metadata database. By using the Metadata Slice Collector, only those reports and documents related to the issue, as well as their cache files and dependent objects, will be collected in a single step and sent to Technical Support for analysis.

Focus Only on Data of Interest

MicroStrategy Health Center includes a product log analyzer that lets users apply filters to large log files to focus on the data of interest. Errors can be easily identified using different filtering criteria like Time stamp, message, error, and component.

Improve Customer Satisfaction and Resolution Time

MicroStrategy Health Center provides the means to improve response times and customer satisfaction by making sure that the relevant logs and diagnostics required to troubleshoot a problem are collected.

Automated System Checks Updates

MicroStrategy Health Center will automatically look for updates to download additional or updated system checks. System Checks are updated periodically and propagated to all nodes in the system.

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