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Enterprise-class Development

MicroStrategy Enterprise Manager reports and dashboards provide a complete picture of the achieved benefits and fulfilled requirements of the system. Project managers, system administrators and report developers achieve a detailed understanding of their BI system by monitoring system, user and group activity in order to optimize and tune the BI system performance and resource utilization.

Features at a glance

  • Pre-defined warehouse schema
  • Automated, configurable data-load process
  • Over 150 out of the box reports and dashboards
  • Extensible analysis with about 360 Metrics, 115 Attributes and 115 tables
  • Documentation for all objects
  • Project expandable with custom MicroStrategy reports and documents

Benefits at a glance

  • Monitor success of BI implementations
  • Reduce downtime by identifying potential errors before they occur
  • Analyze of user work patterns and reporting preferences
  • Project growth efficiency and usage
  • Analyze BI system operations and resource utilization analysis
  • Present MicroStrategy activity and performance analysis in system context
  • Personalize analysis with custom reports
  • Decrease reliance on IT department

Automatic Data Collection

The data loader automatically collects usage statistics on BI applications from MicroStrategy Intelligence Server into a single location. With features such as automated error handling and user defined schedules for loading, administrators can automatically load information about BI application usage into an open relational format for analysis.

Detailed Understanding of User Activity

Administrators can optimize user reporting and receive guidance on how to effectively manage the growth and value of the BI applications. The analysis of user behavior such as the use of specific BI applications expresses the value of those applications and influences the growth of the system to make it more valuable to the users. Many MicroStrategy customers have successfully used MicroStrategy Enterprise Manager to prove the success of their BI applications.

Comprehensive Reporting of BI Infrastructure ROI

Business Intelligence applications and their associated infrastructure are constantly evolving. As new users and requirements are added, it becomes crucial to understand how the application is being used to maximize ROI. MicroStrategy Enterprise Manager reports allow users to precisely understand the value of their applications.

Optimizing Application Performance

Data gathered by MicroStrategy Enterprise Manager is used by report developers and BI architects to enhance system performance, by analyzing information about the use of reports and resources. Usage analysis measures the value and performance of the BI system and provides important information for report developers and architects to optimize the project schema, report definitions and dashboard design and tune product settings.

Immediate Impact

MicroStrategy Enterprise Manager comes with many built-in application areas to start having an immediate impact. These visually appealing reports are ready to use to help in areas such as user analysis, improving the creation of cubes, the performance and governing of the MicroStrategy Intelligence Server, and the return on investment for object creation. Interacting with the reports and document is easy because of MicroStrategy's intuitive, What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get interface, making them even more useful.

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