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Empowering Business Users To Control Information Distribution

From small departments to enterprise-wide BI deployments, MicroStrategy Distribution Services is optimized to deliver business performance reporting to 10s or 100,000s of people.

MicroStrategy Distribution Services places the control of information distribution into the hands of the business user. Business users can subscribe themselves or others to receive reports and/or dashboards on a schedule, on an event, or on an alert basis - all without any assistance from IT administrators. Notably, business users can set up their own "personal alert" conditions, that, when met, will trigger report or dashboard distributions. With personal alerts, MicroStrategy Distribution Services monitors business performance for the business user, guaranteeing the latest, critical information promptly reaches key decision makers.

Features at a glance

  • Distribute information directly via email, networked printers, and file servers
  • Distribute any and all MicroStrategy output - Reports and Dashboards - in multiple formats
  • Distribute secure personalized information to each user
  • Subscriptions set up by users or administrators
  • Unmatched performance and stability on a consolidated BI platform
  • Distributions triggered by schedules, events, or exception thresholds

Benefits at a glance

  • High-volume, low-cost information dissemination
  • More BI, fewer servers
  • Lower the Total Cost of BI
  • Proactive information dissemination
  • Automated personal business intelligence
  • Reduced information latency

An Integral Component of the MicroStrategy Platform

Providing one of the styles of BI - Alerting and Notification - MicroStrategy Distribution Services is a key component to any successful BI Implementation. Built on and integrated with an industrial-strength BI platform, MicroStrategy Distribution Services enables high-value, low-cost BI through information delivery and business performance monitoring.

High Volume, Automated Report Distribution

Optimized for 10s or 100,000s of subscribers, MicroStrategy Distribution Services blends easy subscription creation, high volume personalized delivery with personalized business performance monitoring and alerting.

Set Exceptions as Triggers

Every user can control individual alert parameters, and create data-driven alerts off of any metric on any report. MicroStrategy Distribution Services scans the data, watching for these business parameters, making the system act like personal information radar for each business user.

Distribute Personalized Information to Each User

Every report or dashboard is automatically personalized according to each user's security profile, data personalization, and reporting preferences. MicroStrategy Distribution Services applies all of the security features of the MicroStrategy BI platform such as security filters, privileges and object access control, to each subscriber within a single subscription.

High-volume, Low-Cost Information Dissemination

Support 10,000s of users and 100,000s of reports and dashboards per day. MicroStrategy Distribution Services ensures relevant business insight is delivered to all users including employees, partners and customers.

Create Subscriptions for Self and Others

With MicroStrategy Distribution Services, business users have the flexibility to create subscriptions for themselves, and also have the freedom to create multi-user subscriptions. Subscribing others to report and dashboard deliveries lets project managers subscribe their team to key flash dashboards, administrators send shareholders earnings reports in PDF, and users share analysis with their peers.

Distribute Any and All MicroStrategy Output

For true visual flexibility, MicroStrategy Distribution Services delivers reports and dashboards in multiple presentation-quality and standardized file formats including:

  • HTML
  • Excel
  • PDF
  • Zip
  • Plaintext
  • CSV
  • Flash
  • Bulk Export

Comprehensive User Self-service

With MicroStrategy Distribution Services, users create alter-triggered, time-scheduled, or event-based report and dashboard deliveries - for themselves or for others. Seamlessly integrated into MicroStrategy Web, MicroStrategy Distribution Services users easily define data personalization, frequency, delivery type, distribution preferences (report format, compression, security), and recipient list for their own subscriptions.

Unmatched Performance and Stability on a Consolidated BI Platform

Built on, and consolidated with, the industrial strength MicroStrategy Intelligence Server, MicroStrategy Distribution Services is integrated with tried and tested enterprise-class performance and stability, such as:

  • 32- and 64-bit Multi-platform support (Windows, UNIX, Linux, AIX)
  • Clustering, job load balancing and execution control, 24/7/365 fail-over, object caching, intelligent cubes, database optimization, multi-source data access, web based user and contact administration
  • Support for local-language reporting and delivery using multi-language data sources and metadata
  • Complete object re-use from reports and dashboards through to transmitters, devices, users and events
  • Full integration with administrative tools for script based admin, enterprise BI analysis, and life-cycle management (using MicroStrategy Command Manager, MicroStrategy Enterprise Manager, and MicroStrategy Object Manager respectively).

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