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Enterprise-class Development

Within Desktop's intuitive Windows®-based interface, users can interactively:

  • Build reports
  • Retrieve and display formatted results
  • Navigate through information to areas of interest

Data investigation is extended through drilling, pivoting, and data slicing.

Features at a glance

  • Data-rich cross-tab grids, graphs and HTML reports
  • Produce boardroom-quality reports with maximum visual impact
  • Full range of analysis, over 240 analytical functions
  • Extensive graphing capabilities
  • Scalable from small departmental applications to large enterprise-wide solutions
  • Secure sharing & viewing of reports
  • Controlled ad hoc reporting with context-driven analysis

Benefits at a glance

  • Get critical information without waiting for IT to create reports
  • Design, development and analyze through a single user console
  • Create any report needed to analyze and monitor your business
  • Incorporate sophisticated analytical and predictive insight in reports
  • Format reports to meet any corporate standard

Develop through a Single Interface

MicroStrategy Desktop users can access all Styles of BI through a single user interface. Users can create ad hoc reports and report services documents by dragging and dropping reusable business attributes and metrics onto a report template.

Comprehensive Data Investigation

Users slice and dice data, rearrange rows and columns, and sort data to view the information in a format that provides them the most insight. Users drill to different levels of analysis and the new report results are automatically recalculated.

Powerful Graphing Capabilities

A powerful graphing engine allows users to select from a wide range of graph types, from simple bar or line graphs to more complex radar graphs. Users can easily format graphs and sub-graphs to display the title, grid walls, and axes as desired.

Full Range of Analytical Functions

More than 300 mathematical, OLAP, statistical, and financial functions are available for use in defining any of the key performance indicators used in any organization.

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