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Reduce Workload and Increase Efficiency

Deployable on Windows®, UNIX®, and Linux® the MicroStrategy Command Manager development console provides an interface rich in functionality and intuitive to use script language. Scripts can be scheduled to run at specific times, even triggered by third party software to increase the value of all products. Common tasks can be combined into a single procedure, which can affect multiple users and objects, eliminating unnecessary work.

Features at a glance

  • Run scripts in specific BI environments and archive them in files
  • Scripts can be automatically triggered by 3rd-party utilities
  • Multiple scripts run in parallel
  • Advanced testing options and built in error handling
  • Support of Any Server Platform, such as Windows, UNIX and Linux
  • Abstract commonly used tasks and even allow a functional extension using Java programming language
  • Three modes of interaction: graphical user interface, command line interface, and interactive text console

Benefits at a glance

  • Automation of tasks with no necessary human attention, saving time and money
  • Efficient scheduling of commands
  • Scalable to any number of scripts
  • Integration with 3rd party tools to maintain company standards
  • Safe and reliable deployment to product environments
  • Save time by creating a command order and running it automatically

Multi-Platform Availability

Administrators can access MicroStrategy Command Manager through three distinct methods of interaction. The Graphical User Interface is used to create and edit scripts in a graphical interface, while for users who do not have access to a graphical interface the Interactive Text Console provides the same functionality. The Command Line Interface is used to integrate third party tools with MicroStrategy.

Trigger Scripts from Third Party Tools

MicroStrategy Command Manager integrates successfully with third party software to automatically trigger saved scripts. Third party tools such as schedulers can access the script libraries to trigger a particular task without any human intervention needed.

Multiple Scripts Can Run in Parallel

MicroStrategy Command Manager can improve script run times by executing multiple scripts in parallel to each other. Multiple tasks can be completed at the same time, whether they run on the same or across multiple servers, synchronously controlling the entire environment.

Automated Procedures

Administrators can design functions or procedures by invoking MicroStrategy Command Manager scripting commands from within Java programs - for example, to create if-then-else analyses or arrange business roles in a logical order. This functionality delivers reusability, flexibility, and reliability to administering BI applications.

Scalable to Any Number of Tasks

MicroStrategy Command Manager has the flexibility to adapt to the requirements of any size deployment. The use of methods such as creating Procedures with Java programming or running multiple commands in parallel allows all deployment types to reduce overhead costs while performing large numbers of tasks in time efficient ways.

Efficient Scheduling of Commands

Commands can be scheduled to run at particular times or after specific event triggers to best accommodate users and the system. For example, a large ETL load command would be scheduled during the weekend or a low database use time to cause minimal conflict, while report-caching commands are executed after the ETL load has completed, no matter the time.

Save Time, Reduce Costs

MicroStrategy Command Manager decreases user dependency on IT departments and lowers administrative costs by making administrators more effective. Common tasks that are often used together can be encapsulated by creating parameterized Procedures using Java and run as one.

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