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Abstract the Physical Schema into Business Terms

The reusable object oriented metadata allows any change made to be automatically propagated to all reports. Therefore, unlike our competitors, there is no need to alter every report, saving time and frustrating work. MicroStrategy Architect lets application designers abstract a common, centrally defined business model for end users.

Features at a glance

  • Single consolidated interface for project modeling
  • Seamless access to all major databases
  • Supports all types of data warehouse schemas
  • Automatic mapping of attributes and facts
  • Direct access to operational data sources
  • Project Modeling on heterogeneous data- sources
  • Publication of projects into multiple languages and locales

Benefits at a glance

  • Single interface allows users to rapidly develop applications
  • Real time view of project model
  • Project modeling can be undertaken through drag and drop and right click features
  • Reusable objects present single version of the truth
  • Automated project modeling ability reduces manual effort
  • Rapid project development and deployment

Intuitive Application building

Through one single interface, users can access multiple data-sources, create attributes and facts, and design hierarchies, all through intuitive functions like drag-and-drop and right click functionality.

Real Time View of the Business Model

Architects can design business hierarchies from the same interface thereby providing a real time view of the business model. The centralized reusable object oriented metadata instantly propagates changes to objects, providing "a single version of the truth" to all users accessing the BI application.

Build Versatile Applications Quickly

Applications spanning multiple heterogeneous data sources can be built allowing architects to present information from any data-source from your organization on a single report or a dashboard.

Automated Project Modeling

Using advanced recognition algorithms, MicroStrategy Architect can automatically identify facts and attributes from database table columns based on flexible parameters, saving developers time and effort.

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