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Extend MicroStrategy Capabilities

Through documentation of the application programming interfaces (API), sample code, utilities and developer tools, the MicroStrategy SDK empowers developers to implement highly customized, functional and powerful Web reporting BI applications, meeting all of your organization's BI requirements.

Features at a glance

  • Layered, object-oriented web architecture designed for easy integration, reusability, and extension of the MicroStrategy platform
  • Full scope of MicroStrategy capabilities available to suit your business needs, accessible from any client, using any protocol
  • Comprehensive, user-friendly documentation and samples to guide developers as they extend BI and integrate with applications
  • Adherence to industry standards, such as XML, Java, COM, MDX, SOAP, Adobe Flex and Web Services
  • XML-ready for Web Services

Benefits at a glance

  • Easily modify the MicroStrategy Web interface with minimal programming skills, empowering report developers to quickly build custom applications
  • Quickly deploy changes to user interfaces without requiring a recompilation or restarting the application, to achieve the fastest time to value
  • Easily upgrade and migrate customizations using intuitive customization and upgrade tools
  • Focus on how best to use the analytical power of the MicroStrategy platform to improve your applications while using data as a service
  • Minimal IT and other resources required, thanks to an intuitive development environment and in-depth Developer Library
  • OEM and System Integrator-friendly platform

Powerful Development Environment

The MicroStrategy SDK is a comprehensive software development kit that enables developers to extend out-of-the-box MicroStrategy functionality and build powerful, custom BI applications using the MicroStrategy platform. Using the MicroStrategy Developer Library, developers can quickly learn the necessary architecture and API references to build custom applications, and use sample code to jumpstart their customizations.

Easy Management and Portability of Customizations

MicroStrategy Web provides a framework for plugging in customization changes as a piece of software (called a plug-in) into the application. With this architecture, no compilation or modification of the source code is required to deploy the customization changes. Furthermore, MicroStrategy SDK is based on an Object-Oriented, layered architecture for seamless platform extension and reusability.

Open, Functionally Rich API

Developers have access to the entire range of MicroStrategy BI platform functionality through the various APIs that comprise the foundation of the MicroStrategy platform.

  • Intelligence Server API
  • Web API
  • Mobile SDK
  • Visualization SDK
  • Web Services API
  • Office API

Adherence to Industry Standards

By supporting industry standards such as XML, Java, COM, MDX, Adobe Flex, and Web services, the MicroStrategy SDK provides various levels of rich API support for development on multiple platforms.

Customize iOS and Android Mobile Apps

The Mobile SDK provides resources to customize MicroStrategy Mobile on Android and iOS mobile devices. Using the Mobile SDK, you can change the look and feel of the MicroStrategy Mobile application, as well as create custom visualizations and applications that make use of MicroStrategy BI data.

Embed MicroStrategy Web in Other Applications or a Portal

The full functionality of MicroStrategy Web can be embedded into any web application or portal, combining third-party content, security and collaboration together with MicroStrategy's business intelligence. Out-of-the box portal integration with IBM WebSphere®, Oracle WebLogic, Microsoft® SharePoint, and SAP® Enterprise Portal is available free with the MicroStrategy Web server. Fully interactive portlets with OLAP-style manipulations (such as changing the report view to grid or graph, adding or removing subtotals, and drilling for more information), can be made available in the same window.

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