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World-Class In-Memory BI

MicroStrategy OLAP Services delivers the flexibility, speed, and analytical power of traditional, multidimensional cube analysis while preserving all the strengths of the unified MicroStrategy BI architecture for enterprise business intelligence. Extended analytical insight drives better business decisions, while seamless integration with an industrial-strength BI platform delivers considerable hardware, database, and administration savings.

Additionally, it has enhanced analytical capabilities so business users can create their own data comparison groups on-the-fly to benchmark business performance with each other.

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Features at a glance

  • High performance In-Memory BI: Faster reporting means, more reports, and analysis for more people than ever before
  • Derived Elements: Creating user-defined business (attribute) groups for comparison analysis for interface
  • Custom Attribute Calculations, Filters, and Lists
  • Dynamic Sourcing: An automatic check of each report request to access data from an Intelligent Cube wherever possible before issuing a query to a database
  • Intelligent Cube Sharing: All users can access the same Intelligent Cube data
  • Seamless Cube Navigation: Drill from cube to cube, with no hard coded links
  • Prompts and Security Integrated Automatically: Leverage the power of prompting and personalization automatically against Intelligent Cubes with no additional setup
  • Cube Advisor: a new tool that recommends an optimal set of cubes to build to improve performance
  • Transparent Deployment: OLAP Services is deployed without any service interruption to the end user on the Web or Windows®

Benefits at a glance

  • Higher performance at any scale
  • Reduced workload on every part of the system
  • Less database query time: More users share the same query results in an Intelligent Cube
  • Less MicroStrategy Intelligence Server query generation time: More users share the same query results in an Intelligent Cube
  • Developer Transparency: New reports hit the Intelligent Cubes automatically, no special direction, no hard coded links
  • User Transparency: Users investigate and analyze data faster since cube Intelligent Cubes are automatically sourced whenever possible
  • Easy Cube development: Two clicks to make a cube from an existing highly used report
  • Familiar Cube Development Interface: As simple as making a report
  • Optimized Memory Use: A new Intelligent Cube Monitor and Cube Advisor provide insight into server resource utilization
  • Create, Save, Reuse, and Share Derived Elements over a zero-footprint Web interface

In-Memory ROLAP

In-memory ROLAP creates mid-tier cube databases called Intelligent Cubes that contain selected portions of the data warehouse. These Intelligent Cubes are seamlessly interwoven in the ROLAP architecture as they populate portions of the global multi-dimensional metadata model with actual data.

Faster Report Performance

The addition of In-memory ROLAP technology redirects many database queries to be served directly from In-memory ROLAP. In-memory ROLAP takes advantage of the huge addressable memory space on 64-bit systems to provide high performance middle-tier databases that respond directly to data requests from reports, dashboards, and OLAP Analysis from all users.

Dynamically Source Data from Intelligent Cubes

MicroStrategy's Dynamic Sourcing automatically checks a report request, and automatically sources data from a MicroStrategy Intelligent Cube wherever possible. It also automatically allows the report to source data from warehouse if the data requirements for the report change, or cannot be satisfied by an Intelligent Cube.

Faster Queries, Smooth Database Usage

In-memory ROLAP offloads the highest value queries from the database and serves them to the users quickly and directly from memory. These reports are typically those with the highest level of use, interactivity, and those identified as having the highest business value.

Unique Intelligent Cube Insights from the Cube Advisor Tool

Cube Advisor scans the MicroStrategy Intelligence Server metadata, and suggests the optimal set of Intelligent Cubes to service the reports and users' most valuable requests. Cube Advisor will suggest Intelligent Cubes that are optimized for reducing total Database Time, Job Load, User Satisfaction, and Rows Required.

Shift Processing Away From the Database

Administrators can re-allocate expensive query jobs but shifting that processing to an In-memory Intelligent Cube and thus reduce the overall burden. MicroStrategy Cube Advisor is an good choice to effectively determine which queries would be good candidates In-memory cubes.

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